Program Terms & Conditions

To be accepted into the program, all researchers must agree to the requirements below.

This document (this "YouTube Researcher Program Terms of Service" or "Program ToS") is a legal document whose terms and conditions you must follow at all times when participating in the YouTube Researcher Program (as defined below) and/or when accessing or using Program Data (as defined below). The YouTube Researcher Program is provided to you by YouTube LLC located at 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno CA 94066 (referred to as "YouTube", "we", "us", or "our").

Capitalized terms not defined in this Section 1 or elsewhere in this Program ToS have the definitions given them in the Developer Developer API ToS:

  1. "Developer API ToS" means the YouTube API Services Terms of Service currently located at
  2. "Program Data" means YouTube data obtained by you through the YouTube API Services as part of the Program.
  3. "Program Derived Research" means any and all research, findings, and other materials derived from, based upon, or including Program Data and any derivatives of Program Data.
  4. "Qualified Academic Research Institution(s)" means academic institutions that are:
    1. dedicated to the pursuit of education and research with the intended outcome being the receipt of academic degrees;
    2. accredited as indicated by information provided on the institution's website (e.g. a university) and/or as demonstrated by documentation provided to YouTube;
    3. qualified to give out educational degrees (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, etc.); and
    4. a not-for-profit endeavor (i.e. not a business whose sole purpose is to make a profit).
  5. "Qualified Institution(s)" means and includes (a) Qualified Academic Research Institutions and (b) any government or other institution required by law or regulation to have access to Program Data.
  6. "Researcher Data" means and includes any Program related application data and other information provided by or related to you, your participation in the Program, and your use of the YouTube API Services including, without limitation, personal data.
  7. "Researcher Publication(s)" means any and all publications made by you of Program Derived Research.
  8. "YouTube Researcher Program" or "Program" means the program covered by this Program ToS.

The terms and conditions specified by this Program ToS are in addition to and supplement the terms and conditions of the Developer API ToS. As a condition of your participation in the YouTube Researcher Program and use of Program Data, you must agree to and, at all times, fully comply with both this Program ToS and the Developer API ToS including, without limitation, all data security and privacy requirements specified in the Developer API ToS. However, if there is a contradiction between this Program ToS and the Developer API ToS, then this Program ToS will take precedence.

YouTube reserves the right to change the terms and conditions specified by this Program ToS at any time, with or without notice. Your continued participation in the Program and/or continued access to or use of any Program Data constitutes your agreement to and acceptance of all such changes. Changes to this Program ToS will be documented in the Program ToS revision history at the end of this document.

  1. In General. In order to participate in the Program, you must apply for and be accepted into the Program and meet all of the Program requirements specified in this Program ToS.
  2. Application. You must apply for participation in the Program by completing and submitting to us the YouTube Researcher Program application available at YouTube will review your application and notify you of acceptance or rejection into the Program.
  3. Researcher Qualifications. In order to be accepted into the Program, you must:
    1. be affiliated with a Qualified Institution;
    2. propose research projects that are not meant to be made available for commercial sale;
    3. have demonstrable experience and expertise in their research area and the processing and analysis of data; and
    4. be free from any affiliation with Alphabet, Google, or YouTube (e.g. not working as an intern, temp, vendor or consultant).
  4. Changes. You will use reasonable efforts to inform YouTube of any changes to your contact information and/or affiliation with a Qualified Institution. Any change of your institutional affiliation without notice to YouTube will be deemed a breach of this Program ToS and YouTube reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Program and use of Program Data if you are no longer affiliated with a Qualified Institution for a period lasting more than thirty (30) calendar days.
  1. Derived Metrics. As part of your Program Derived Research, you may create and publish derived metrics (i.e. metrics that are not specifically made available through the YouTube API today) of Program Data. Some examples of derived metrics include:
    1. Assigning scores to a particular metric (e.g. “level of political polarization”); and
    2. Assigning perceived political affiliations or sympathies to UGC (so long as applicable user privacy policies are obeyed).
  2. Quota. On request, and with sufficient justification, you will receive sufficient API quota for use as specified by this Program ToS.
  1. Publication of Findings. In a manner consistent with Open Science Principles, you agree to use reasonable efforts to publish all Researcher Publications in Open Access journals or publications and/or as Open Access resources on other websites.
  2. YouTube Copies. You agree to provide YouTube with a courtesy copy (unlocked in either .gdoc, .docx, or .pdf format) of each Researcher Publication.
  3. YouTube Rights. After you publish a Researcher Publication, you agree YouTube, its parent company, and its affiliates will have free and unlimited access to and use of the Researcher Publication and all related Program Derived Research. This use includes, without limitation, the right to:
    1. for internal review, presentation, and training purposes, make, distribute, and use copies of the Researcher Publication and all Program Derived Research; and
    2. for marketing, training, and presentation purposes, use and distribute reasonable excerpts from the Researcher Publication and all Program Derived Research.
  4. Advanced Notice Before Publication. You agree to use reasonable efforts to provide YouTube with a copy of each Researcher Publication at least seven (7) days before its publication. This is meant solely as a courtesy notice to YouTube. YouTube will not have editorial discretion or input in any Researcher Publication. In addition, YouTube will not have any intellectual property rights in or to or be affiliated with any Program Derived Research or Researcher Publication including, without limitation, any recommendations or conclusions included therein.
  5. No Endorsement. You understand and agree that your participation in the Program and YouTube's provision to you of access to and use of Program Data (including, without limitation, any technical support with respect to such access and use) does not imply any endorsement by YouTube of either you, your research, any publication of your research, your research topics, or any of your opinions, conclusions or other information related to your research or any other matter.
  6. No Reference. You may only reference YouTube as the source of the Program Data obtained and used by you under the Program. You will not, for any purpose whatsoever, make any representations contrary to Section 6.e above, or use any YouTube logos, branding, or other YouTube text or graphics marks without YouTube's express, prior written permission.
  7. Required Disclosures. You will promptly disclose to YouTube;
    1. any conflicts of interest that currently exist or may arise at any time in the future with respect to the research performed by you using Program Data; and
    2. any association or other relationship between you or any institution and any third party, including any governmental authority, that, to the knowledge of either you or the Qualified Institution with whom you are affiliated that has any material interest in the research conducted by you using Program Data.
  1. No Data Disclosure.
    1. You will not disclose, reproduce, sell, license or otherwise transfer to any third party, in part or in whole, any Program Data.
    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 7.a.i., your disclosure of Program Data to a third party as required by applicable law or legal order will not be a breach of this Program ToS provided you notify YouTube of any such disclosure if you are not prohibited from doing so by legal order.
  2. Use Restrictions. You may only use Program Data for research on topics approved by YouTube as part of your application to and acceptance in the Program or that are reasonably related to an approved research topic. Any other research by you using Program Data will require additional written YouTube approval. You may not use or distribute Program Data in, for, or with any applications (e.g. desktop software applications, mobile apps, etc.) developed by you for any purpose other than your own personal use in performance of research permitted under this Program ToS.
  3. Data Refresh. You agree to regularly refresh Program Data as specified by the Developer API ToS (i.e. every 30 days) until such time as you need the Program Data to be fixed as to a point in time for the purposes of finalizing your analysis and drawing of conclusions with respect to your Researcher Publications.
  4. Quotas. You are granted quotas and access to the YouTube APIs and YouTube Research Data for the period of your research, subject to periodic compliance audits. YouTube may revoke your quota and access to the Program following your completion of your research or publication of your Research Publications, whichever is first.
  1. Your Data. We will retain Researcher Data until it is no longer necessary, including for contractual and integrity purposes. Our privacy policy currently located at explains how we treat your Researcher Data and protect your privacy when you provide personal data included in your Researcher Data. The terms and conditions specified by this Program ToS, including without limitation YouTube's right to retain your Researcher Data, will:
    1. apply to all Program Data obtained and stored by you, all uses of Program Data by you, and all access and use of the YouTube APIs by you; and
    2. survive any cancellation or termination of researcher's participation in this program and any closing of any or all of researcher's YouTube related accounts.
  2. Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant to YouTube that, at all times, your access and use of Program Data will comply with this Program ToS, the Developer API ToS, and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Revision History

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July 11, 2022

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